When Passion Turns Into Money &

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A Steele Films Goes into Pre-production!


A Steele Films, LLC. A Steele assembles the staff of screenwriters, directors, talent, producers and production team to steer the projects. Everyone is selected based upon the passion, affinity, knowledge and vision they have for that project. A Steele creates and manages each development group on a project by project basis. A Steele is committed to every aspect of production, profitability and shareholder value from project genesis all the way to distribution and release. This includes providing the highest quality in development, pre-production, production, post production, distribution, and release, marketing and advertising resources to each motion picture project. A Steele views each project as the tip of the iceberg, and with successful completion of each movie exists the opportunity to continue its voice in prequels, sequels, TV series and/or books. A Steele Films, LLC., plans to develop strategic alliances in order to continue to develop and produce new motion pictures, television series, and direct to TV/cable properties and intends to acquire additional independent production and distribution firms, film libraries, and build out or acquire production and post-production facilities.  



thank you for all the support that we are receiving on...  the ohio players project aka "the kings of funk"



       The Ohio Players Project

With the huge 161.1 Million box office success of our comparable biopic, Straight Out of Compton, we look forward to having great international success and sales. 
This incredible biopic is a testament to the power of five young poor men who beat the odds and forever changed the course of music.



Placing music in a film serves as a promotional tool to enhance the success of its film, soundtrack/album profits, generates additional income, reduces marketing costs, provides additional product placement opportunities, and creates visibility. For example, in an age where recording sales have declined, however soundtrack albums such as The Bodyguard (1992), Titanic (1997), High School Musical (2006), Car Wash (1976), Straight Out Of Compton (2015), Purple Rain (1985), and Frozen (2014). In fact, Walt Disney's profit rose 27% on the strength of the Frozen soundtrack. Frozen was listed as the number one album for the 2014 Billboard Top 200 chart and has sold a total of 2.78 million units.

As a result, A Steele Films has five proven successful marketing objectives for the Ohio Players motion picture and soundtrack. (ie. similar to strategies also used by Prince in Purple Rain and Car Wash which were highly lucrative films with strong domestic and global sales)

  • First, A Steele Films has a huge advertising advantage by releasing the title song with the name of our film in it to the public approximately one and one half months before the release date. We will pump music on international radio with a media tour with our attached actors to promote the film. We will have 1970’s themed dance events, soundtrack/film release parties with appearances by the various Ohio Players star studded fans (over 150 famous recording and theatrical actors have used our music in their sampled hit records such as JayZ, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sean Puffy Combs, Dre. Dre, Beck, Elton John, etc.) in support of the Ohio Players. seeks various partnerships to help promote the film, increase sales, and cross market these products. More specifically, we will connect our title song with the radio world.

  • Next, we are interested in generating "win-win-win" situations that offer value to partnering corporations with product placement opportunities (Video Games, Musical toys, etc...)

  • Third, A Steele Films plans to release a soundtrack with multiple famous recording artists from different global genres, chart topping producers, and introduce a new twist to Ohio Player hits that will unite the former and new generation of fans. In fact, with the soundtrack, we plan to increase a "buzz" and sense of anticipation prior to the release of the film.

  • Last, A Steele Films plans to utilize our international partnerships and improve profits which will be completed by our President of Marketing, Mr. Curtis Symonds. More specifically, Mr. Symonds has over thirty years of entertainment industry experience as the former Vice President of Marketing and Promotions for Black Entertainment Television who directly helped to build the network from the ground up both domestically and on an international level. 

The Ohio Players’ signature sound transcends race, age, and economic background. Their fan base spans 
generations which enables the group to perform its infectious 1970's funk music in a diverse array of musical 
settings even to this day. The Ohio Players has a loyal established international fan base who regularly support 
their shows and events which will help to make THE OHIO PLAYERS PROJECT A GREAT SUCCESS!